Yuriy Romanyukha

CEO @ ICLUB Global Cyprus,

Venture Partner @ TA Ventures

CEO at iClub Global Cyprus, Venture Partner at TA Ventures, Mentor at Startup Wise Guys and Aris Limassol

Yuriy has 15+ years of experience in VC+FinTech: consulting, startups and VC.

Не is an expert in closing big deals with Tier 1 companies like L’Oreal US, Adidas, and Walmart. Launched the Uber App in Ukraine.

Specializes in cold outreach sales with over 10+ years of experience in deals with Fortune 500 companies.

Yuriy shares his wealth of knowledge of B2B sales and sales funnel process automation as a consultant to several companies in Ukraine, CIS, the EU, and the US.

UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business Alumni.

Lecturer at Projector Institute and Kyiv School of Economics.

B2B Sales Course Lectures at Projector School